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Labor to ban truants from playing sport

You were linked to it here first.  These clowns have got to be joking.  Haven’t they? Who will be the First Assistant Secretary for monitoring your local footy club? Will this be part of the ‘education revolution’? Is this devisive policy the real reason Dullard dumped Krudd?

5 comments to Labor to ban truants from playing sport

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  • observa

    We’re warning you slack kids that can’t be bothered showing up to school to have the fear of God put in you by our chaplains that if you dare show up for sport the coach has orders to tell you to pee off. You got that!!!

    I must say Harry, we’re going to be living in interesting times again for the next 3 years with a re-invigorated Opposition overseeing the Julia and Bob show with Kev putting his 2 bobs worth in. If ever there was a recipe for a DD that would have to take the cake.

  • observa

    Don’t forget your Fresh Start free uniforms kiddies-
    And then all these left libruls need to ice their conservative cake creation is Conroy’s Normous Net Nanny and abracadabra, voila, presto!

    Fer gawsakes stop laughing, this is serious!

  • observa

    And don’t forget the 5 Bs kiddies or else-
    I know, yo’all just can’t wait for their compulsory ‘Bourkeas’.

  • derrida derider

    Yep, its shit policy – as election policy tends to be. But it is very much in line with the sort of stuff the previous government was keen on in its later years – micromanaging peoples’ lives – and I don’t think an Abbott government would be any different on that particular score.

    Such a small program, though, may not be overseen by a First Assistant Secretary. You’ll be pleased to know, Harry, that in this age of flatter structures and heightened public service efficiency responsibility might well be devolved to a mere Assistant Secretary.

    Under close supervison from the FAS, of course, who will be accountable to the Dep Sec, who will report progress to the Associate Secretary, who will advise the Secretary so he can vet Departmental advice to the Minister’s advisers, so they can tell the Minister the line he should run publicly. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the insulation fiasco where the program achieves its stated goals but doesn’t garner any votes for the government.

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