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Ipad gets my nod as better E-reader

I’ve previously reported on my Kindle and Ipad purchases.  Both are great technology so I am happy to praise both. Though I must say that – given its connectability to any part of the WEB – the range of things you can do with Ipad is much greater. And OK, this is fairly bourgeois, but the colour screen is a winner.   Ipad is a fair bit more expensive than Kindle so you are paying for the extra capability – if you only wanted an E-reader Kindle might hacve an edge.  The only real advantage of the Kindle for me was access to the enormous E-bookshop.  But now that is gone too since Kindle provide an APP for Ipad that allows download and purchasing items direct from  I did this over the weekend and I think its navifgation potential within a document is better than Kindle.

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