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Julia Dullard

I have said that Julia needs to be given some time to get on top of the job of PM but her accomplishments in the few weeks since she took on the office really bring into question whether experience is the issue. Is Dullard just a nonentity who cloaks her lack of leadership skills behind a steely droning voice and pollie-babble? Consider her inept performance in the policy debate on Saturday where she avoided every question of substance – I am certainly not claiming that the Mad Monk performed much better. And consider:

* her totally daft cash-for-clunkers scheme which values a ton of CO2 emissions reduction at $394. This is testimony to the enormous expense idiot politicians are prepared to inflict on all the Citizen Joes in the economy rather than to defend an economically responsible ETS.  Her Treasury advisors would have told her on the almost unbelievable waste in this poroposal. She just couldn’t care less.

*Dullard’s proposal for a meeting of ordinary citizens to provide a ‘consensus’ on the climate change issue is frankly a move to procrastinate and avoid dealing with an issue the weak-kneed cowards of the Labor Party (and their climate denialist backers) fear. Apart from being unnecessary – there have been endless discussions and informed inquiries going back a decade – a meeting of 150 Australians won’t drive unanimity on the climate issue.   What we need is decisive action by principled politicians of the type who slashed Australian tariff protection and pushed through programs of microeconomic reform.  Many of these politicians were from the Labor Party although it seems to have then been quite a different party.

* her equally foolish backdown on the RSPT and her substitution of a less efficient resource rent tax by doing a deal with a few large miners at the expense of small miners. She wanted a consensus with the miners over the amount over the amount of tax they should pay.   Ifr they asked me for my view on the amount of tax I should pay I’d offer about 10 cents in the dollar to these fiscal morons. It’s curtains on any policy endeavour that targets privilege in Australia.  Again Treasury officials would have informed her of the stupidity of this policy reversal. There were reasonable arguments about the size of the desired RSPT but no substantive arguments that it was non-neutral with respect to exploration nactivities. The revised tax fails this latter test.

* Dullard’s decision to shift queue jumpers from one ocean to another before she had agreement from her preferred country of resttlement had agreed to this deal.  First she denied she had settled on this location but recently she has again returned to it.  There is some real difficulty when a PM acts in this way. Her mumblings over population policy as distinct from immigration policy when 67% of recent population growth in Australia comprises immigration is a fudge.

Dullard’s past support for abandoning the CPRS, for the hopeless school assembly halls program (and the ridiculous ‘Education Revolution’ rhetoric) and for the pink batts and other Green reform disasters are perhaps water under the bridge.

Dullard does seem to embody the worst Labor Party characteristics with endless ambition but no clear ability to govern effectively and responsibly. A dumb-assed old lefty? Its looking increasingly like that.

8 comments to Julia Dullard

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  • Michael

    It seems the Australian population can’t handle reality anymore. They know something should be done about climate change but have been told that they shouldn’t have to pay more for anything as a consquence of tackling it. They have also been told that we should wait for other countries to do something first. We no longer expect leadership on anything. It’s the rule of the stakeholders with a side show of fake participation and consulation. Has it always been thus?

  • observa

    I’ve got to say the clunkers was really way out of left field and once it was realised the dough was filched out of other green policy it got worse if that were possible. It’s not as if we were in the US situation with stuffed carmakers and knackered sales, having exited the GFC the envy of the developed world.

    Where on earth did this brainfart originate from you have to ask? It had to be Julia with her announcement example that it would be good to get uni students who were just getting their first job a legup into their first new car. She’s locked in some bizarre nostalgic time warp by the sounds of it. The graduazzi left’s new deserving poor. Sheesh!

    I’ll repeat I can now understand why Ruddy was all over policy and micromanaging this lot. We’ve judged him too harshly in hindsight.

  • conrad

    “Is Dullard just a nonentity who cloaks her lack of leadership skills behind a steely droning voice and pollie-babble?”


  • DavidB

    Good comment Harry. Cash for Clunkers is idiot policy. It would be cheaper to burn $10 notes in a generator and use that as clean energy. Its also really annoying they are taking the money out of the solar budget to pay for this dog.

    I also reckon this is another example of why its so frustrating that Australian conservatives (apart from yourself) wont engage the climate change debate, if conservative commentators actually engaged with the issue we could get some good policies, instead of this nonsense.

  • MH

    HC as I said elsewhere today – “First it was a straight cash handout, then roof insulation, then school halls, then free broadband to the nation and now a new car for everybody – is there no end to the moronic stupidity of this government?” Enough said!

  • Fred

    How many people reading this have actually looked at the atmospheric science involved, or listened impartially to what professors on the subject like Richard Lindzen and John Christy have to say? Obviously very, very few.

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