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Soldier deaths in Afghanistan

The recent deaths of two Australian soldiers in Afghanistan is a tragedy for their families and loved ones and, most of all for the two young men who lost their lives.   The irresponsible and insensitively-timed subsequent call by Bob Brown for Australian troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan is, however, an insult to the memories of these brave young men. It is a foolish political move that seeks to weaken the resolve of the allied forces in that country to defeat the Taliban/Al Quaeda forces (as well as the other misfits who make up a slab of the Afghan nation*) while promoting the objectives of the forces of darkness. The terrorists set out to kill precisely to encourage the Bob Browns of this world to seek a capitulation. We are in Afghanistan to stop this country being used as a base for international terrorism not, in the main,  to rescue barbarians from themselves.

What a choice Australia voters have in the forthcoming elections.  The mealy-mouthed insincerity of PM Rudd who stands for almost nothing – even his tribute to the two soldiers seemed perfunctory and shallow. The shallowness of this man and his mean insincerity disgusts me. Or we have the raucous. foolish populism of Tony Abbott which has driven political debate in this country to new ignorant lows.  And the Greens – who I have said I will vote for because of my disgust with the major parties. Their chief weasel is Bob Brown. 

* Is this claim too strong? Last week two child brides (aged 13 and 14) were flogged not by the Taliban but by local mullahs in a ‘liberal part’ of the country.   Their crime?  Trying to flee unwarranted marriages with much older men.  They ran away to Herat but were returned by dutiful local police and ordered to be flogged by a local leader.  You wonder what motivates these unpleasant people – presumably they have daughters and mothers.  They certainly lack compassion and human decency.  You can imagine the desparation these children experienced when faced with the prospect of being forced to marry such ugly monsters.

8 comments to Soldier deaths in Afghanistan

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  • derrida derider

    “The irresponsible and insensitively-timed subsequent call by Bob Brown for Australian troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan is, however, an insult to the memories of these brave young men”

    I really can’t follow your logic here, Harry. If you believe that we’re doing more harm than good in Afghanistan then just why is it “irresponsible” to say so? Surely it would be irresponsible NOT to. And if you believe that, why is it “insensitively-timed” to say so when people are paying attention? Surely when lives are at stake you are morally obliged to maximise the effectiveness of your opposition.

    And how can you insult a memory anyway? This sort of stuff is just a cry of “blasphemy!” of the sort often used to suppress uncomfortable questioning.

  • hc

    “If you believe that we’re doing more harm than good in Afghanistan then just why is it “irresponsible” to say so?”

    Read again, I didn’t say that. I said we were not there in the main to help the Afghans but to prevent their country being used as a terrorist base. I don’t think a lot of the Afghans are worth doing anything for. Their support for terrorism is symptomatic or their deep pathologies as human beings. The creepy behaviour with respect to the young girls is an instance but they seem to be a creepy lot in general.

    The reason that Brown’s remarks are an “insult” is that the implication is that these soldiers died in vain – that their lives lost were a waste. What an outrageous slurr to make the day after they died.

  • derrida derider

    If you believe it the truth, as Bob Brown does, what on earth is wrong with saying that they died in vain and their lost lives were a waste? That’s not their fault but the fault of those who sent them there. After all if Bob had his way they wouldn’t have died at all.

    Harry this sort of “Blasphemer!” guff is a dogmatic religious, not logical, reaction. Surely you’re better than that.

    As for the “we’re only there to protect ourselves, apart from that not being the official line (“We’re only there to build schools, I tell you, and we’ve got the body counts to prove we’re succeeeding”), what earthly evidence is there that withdrawal would increase terrorism here? Prima facie, going to the other side of the world to kill people seems more, not less, likely to make them want to do the same to you.

    As Keynes paraphrased Burke, it can never be right to inflict present and certain evil in the hope of securing a highly uncertain and contingent good (BTW that’s exactly why the only legal ground for pre-emptive war is imminent and overwhelming threat). That stance used once to be associated with conservatism.

    The Taliban were nasty (though surprisingly popular) rulers, but did not themselves leave their own country. Their Arab guests have long since departed (if we were killing any foreigners in Afghanistan or Pakistan, rest assured the US military would shout it from the rooftops) and are most unlikely to be welcome back (they were always unpopular within Afghanistan and are now almost as loathed as those other foreign guests – us).

  • hc

    You used the word “blashemer” DD not me. There are sensitivitiesw invoilved in telling those associated with two courageous young men – they were doing explosive detection work that would scare most of us – that their lives were in vain.

    AQs for the rest September 11 was based in Afghanistan and of course we dob’t want a rogue state of Muslim extremists organising attacks on us Infidels.

    The Taliban were not nasty – they were filth. I agree they hated the Arabs – this lot of Afghan creeps hate everyone. The pathetic Afghan civilians hate the Taliban because they are ineptly brutal. But most of them seem to be as ugly themselves – the men are pedophiles who hate women and, it seems male and female children, and yet have puritanical ideals – if the lot of them disappeared the world would be a better place. We are there to stop them doing nasty things to us.

  • Michael

    You don’t seem to know much about the history of Afganistan. Perhaps you should do some reading.

  • hc

    I’ll tell you what, Michael, I’ll read more on the history once you learn to spell the name of the country.

  • nifty

    Loss of the Australian lives in Afghanistan is simply a continuation of the jingoistic political situation that hasnt changed since the first world war.
    Look at the cannon fodder,and what has changed.Absolutely nothing.
    Vietnam,Korea,Iraq,wasted lives, at the whim of a politician.
    Terroism has evolved from using those ignorant people who have nothing,and consequently get sucked in by the religious manipulators.
    Anyone who thinks my comments are cowardice should read Siegfried Sassoons poem entitled The Menin Gate.
    He was a the first world war who threw his medals into the Mersey in the U.K.

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