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Captain Rudd climate change hero

This man a laughable nitwit.

On the 7-30 Report Kevin Rudd has hotly rejected the notion he squibbed a double dissolution election on emissions trading, arguing he has worked hard on climate change and remains passionate about the issue.

“…Penny Wong and I sat up for three days and three nights with 20 leaders from around the world to try and frame a global agreement…

It might be easy for you to sit in 7.30 Report land and say that was easy to do. Let me tell you mate, it wasn’t.

We are fundamentally committed to climate change”. (my emphasis)

Brian at LP has a remarkably insightful post on Rudd.   How on earth did this clown ever come to be Australia’s PM?

6 comments to Captain Rudd climate change hero

  • conrad

    At least he looked surprisingly uncomfortable.

  • Sir Henry Casingbroke

    Or maybe the ALP realised that cap and trade are systems ripe for exploitation by scammers like Goldman Sachs and their link. Before you jump down my throat I think you should read this:

  • hc

    Sir Henry, No Rudd did not foresee that – if he was worried about manipulation in futures markets for carbon he can settle for a carbon tax. If he was worried about the loss in revenue from a cap-and-trade system then auction the quotas – if you give no free allocations then you can get the same revenue as a tax set at the equilibrium price of carbon. Carbon quotas will increase in value at about the interest rate – people will then hold the things as viable assets which you want.

    The big advantage of cap-and-trade is that you secure definite carbon reductions. But if you want a carbon tax then go for. You will still need the price of carbon to rise through time but it will be more stable – but you will not secure definite carbon reductions since you can’t work out how energy users will react to the tax. Nor can you allocate quotas internationally to secure distributional justice. This means it is harder to get an international agreement on emissions.

    Look I find the stories about Goldman Sachs as sickening as anyway. These people are rogues. But get the economics right – there are big advantages in cap-and-trade schemes. If you really fear such schemes go for carbon taxes but don’t use these fears to postpone action on climate change.

  • observa

    “..but don’t use these fears to postpone action on climate change.”
    Sweet Jesus Harry, that’s like saying don’t worry about handing out free pink batts in the name of climate change, as she’ll be right on the night mate!
    Just had a bloke at the door the other day in a green shirt and logo with a basket full of CF globes saying he was from the gummint and he could change up to 8 of my light globes for ‘free’. Whaddya reckon Harry?

  • MH

    Nice succinct post Harry. Indeed what a catastrophe this Labour government is in reality a bunch of clowns is correct. Oh an this is no endorsement for the other circus clowns either. Seems the Federal sphere has the NSW disease, out of ideas, out of time, going backwards and no end in sight.

  • Gen Y 1985

    “How on earth did this clown ever come to be Australia’s PM?”

    Haha… my answer: because there are bigger clowns stumbling about on the other side of parliament. Don’t you think so Harry? To my young eyes, it seems so.

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