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Congratulations Andrew Leigh

I am not really that surprised that intelligent Labor Party members in middle class Canberra dumped on party hacks and went for someone with intelligence and personality. The seat of Fraser is a reasonably safe Labor seat so Andrew should be heading into politics.  The only negative I can see is a loss for applied economic research in Australia.

5 comments to Congratulations Andrew Leigh

  • conrad

    It’s good to see intelligent people going into politics — I certainly agree it’s miles better than the next moronic party hack.

  • ennui

    “It’s good to see intelligent people going into politics”.

    Totally agree.

    But the icing on the cake was the defeat of the factional bosses and their worthless supernumeries!

  • Andrew Leigh

    Minor correction: the other candidates all had intelligence and personality in spades. But thanks for you kind words, Harry – please keep the policy ideas flowing!

  • hc

    Andrew all I said about the other candidates was that they were hacks. Mary Wood was a staffer of Tanya Plibersek staffer and Nick Martin is ALP assistant national secretary. Isn’t that right? Isn’t it the real reason that Labor has so many uninspired candidates sitting in paliament is that most new candidates are ex union hacks or administrative ALP officers? You got written up because you are such an exception. The positive comments were directed at you not against them.

  • derrida derider

    Gee, Harry, I never though I’d see you use the phrase “intelligent Labor Party members”! 🙂