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One of the world’s rubbish wines that I have always enjoyed is gamay Beaujolais.  I drank a gorgeous, spicy entry-level Paul et Eric Janin Moulin a Vent 05 at Source Dining in Albury a couple of weeks back – I have already indicated that this restaurant offers some of the best food in NSW – the wine list is also superb – ask Steve for recommendations.  We did this that night and he didn’t disappoint. 

The best gamay wines come from Beaujolais and the Loire Valley in France.   The grape itself is a clone of pinot noir without the pretensions of pinot but with a happy affability – and a somewhat spicy, aromatic fragrant finish. Like many of the French wines I drink, it offers a welcome retreat from the overpowering reds that distinguish the Australian scene. Indeed, in Australia, you must pay more to get a lot less – more approachable red wines. 

At Dan Murphy’s I have bought a couple of Beaujolais-Village over the last few days for between $12- $16.  Not great wine but enjoyable. The snobs don’t like this stuff but economists, such as myself, revel in the fact that purchasing it is a market opportunity – a bulk, inexpensive wine with interest.  I don’t think there are more than a few significant gamay producers in Australia – one Yarra Valley producer got tragically burnt out in the 2009 bushfires.

5 comments to Gamay

  • Jim

    “I’ve been off the booze for 2 months 24 days. Researching the booze issue has changed my own attitude to the stuff.” – HC

  • conrad

    Beaujolais for $12? You should be in France Beajolais season. You can get bottles for a few dollars, and they all taste about as bad as each other.

  • Peter

    Gamay in Loire? I think you will find Cabernet Franc and some decent underated Pinot Noir, not sure about Gamay though. Will look into that.

  • I think we could call this post as being in “anti-wine snob wine snob” mode. 🙂

    But, I agree that it is hard to find a good lighter red in Australia.

    While I guess they don’t count as reds, I do like some of the rose styles made at the moment, with an specially delicious one being the 2008 Gomersals Shiraz Rose from the Barossa, which I see is still available. Only thing is, you have to buy a dozen unless you fly in there.

  • via collins

    Sorrenberg in Beechworth make the most delicious, moreish gamay I’ve ever tasted outside of France. It’s totally worth tracking down. A bit pricier than your DM purchases of late, but so soul satisfying!

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