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Parking economics

The Victoria Transport Institute (Victoria, BC, Canada) has this excellent survey.  Less theoretical than the discussions by Donald Shoup and by myself – it has lots of excellent case studies but no reference to the role of telematics.  I continue my long-term search for a doctoral student interested in pursuing a topic on the economics of parking policies in Australian cities.  Interesting area with numerous interesting Australian policy issues and almost entirely unexplored.

4 comments to Parking economics

  • Krystian

    Interesting survey! Do you think such a PhD would involve pages and pages of equations – or would be more policy focused?

  • hc

    Most stuff about parking involves simple insights that no-one recognises. Subsidise on-street p[arking and people will congest the roads searching for a cheap on-street spot rather than a spot in a parking station. 30% of the congestion in many large citiesw comprises people searching for a parking spot – quite unnecessary and inefficient.

  • Krystian

    Yeah so I suppose a PhD would focus on modelling/testing some of these predictions and putting forward parking policy reform proposals. Shoup’s book is excellent, I’ve been through it in detail. I’m surprised how little work on parking has been done in Australia.

  • conrad

    Good luck with the PhD student — Out of interest, am I correct in thinking that they are not especially common in economics given that I guess finding a good paying job with a top honors degree probably isn’t too hard? I also wonder if you guys are afflicted by trendy-area syndrome, where everyone wants to work on a few over-done topics (I’ll exclude wanting to know about the nut jobs that universities seem to attract, like those that want to work on Marxists economics etc.).
    If it’s the case, you might try and find smart social psychologists. It seems to me that if you could get some interested in economics, the problems and indeed methodologies which are used are very similar.

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