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3 comments to Age

  • Jason Soon

    too much carbs in her diet? 🙂

    not everyone ages that badly

  • aah the outlier that re-enforces the French paradox.

    How about you post a few before and after 1970 photos of yrself here Harry. Cast the first stone etc…….

  • hc

    I only included photos of an old and a younger BB along with the heading “Age” and the Category description “people”. I didn’t make any disrespectful remark about the older BB but that I did is the presumption of both of these comments. FXH even asks me to post before and after photos of myself to balance the alleged implied criticism! The older BB looks like a fairly usual older woman with a degree more self-assurance than her pouting younger self – she has certainly changed in appearance as her age has more than trebled. The presumption of the comments is that we all peak in appearance at age 20 and that it is all downhill from there. I am unconvinced that this is a practically useful way of thinking about human appearance. It is certainly ageist.

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