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One of the posts lost in the recent hack attack concerned Lord Monkton’s visit to Australia.  Conservatives around Australia (Albrechtsen and even Barnaby Joyce)* are seeking to distance themselves from this silly toff.  I liked the following summary of the great Lord Monkton from DeSmogBlog.  The mad Lord Monkton repeats the usual delusionist nonsense at a press conference.  Quadrant  – but apparently not the IPA at least at their website – are advertising his intended lecture tour.  I get an amusing citation at the Quadrant site. Quote – The reference is to a debate I had with Des Moore:

Professor Harry Clarke: “The fact that the gang from Quadrant turned up was unsurprising as it was advertised at their website.”

The lunatic right are certainly good at one thing – at lying and in distorting the simple truths about climate change.  Professor Andy Pitman states “Climate scientists are losing the fight with the sceptics. The sceptics are so well funded, so well organised. They have nothing else to do. They don’t have day jobs so they can put all their efforts into misinforming and miscommunicating climate science to the general public, whereas the climate scientists have day jobs and [managing publicity] actually isn’t one of them. All of the efforts you do in an IPCC report is done out of hours, voluntarily, for no funding and no pay, whereas the sceptics are being funded to put out full-scale misinformation campaigns and are doing a damn good job, I think. They are doing a superb job at misinforming and miscommunicating the general public, state and federal governments.”

British environmental commentator and leading global warming sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton

The Oz trip is costing $100,000. He will be accompanied by our home-grown spokesperson for climate change idiocy, Ian Plimer.

The 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

*Though not, apparently, arch lune Nick Minchin.

5 comments to Monkton

  • Uncle Milton

    He looks like Marty Feldman, but is not as funny.

  • hc

    Uncle Milton, You are right. We all laughed at Marty Feldman – partly because of his eyes – but everyone loved the guy. I remember he defended Oz magazine by being rude to the judge. Do you remember Igor?.

  • observa

    He’s been a somewhat lone voice in the wilderness and good foil for that carpet-bagger Gore and at least he’s not afraid to leave the carefully stage managed environment for the street walk to take on the usual suspects head on. However as Albrechtsen rightly acknowledges there’s not the same need for such a foil now that the conspiracy of silence on AGW orthodoxy has been broken-
    As Bolty points out Rudd’s ‘great moral challenge of our generation’ seems to have suddenly taken a back seat to roads and railways and may well be going the same way as the beatup on SARS, Y2k and swineflu. As for these new Carbon Credit Ceationists, at least the Confucians had the good sense to laugh them all out of the UN.

  • observa

    Oh and they tell me Feldman’s eyes are due to a thyroid problem. What’s Gore’s excuse for the comic look nowadays?

  • Whatever happened to Monckton’s prediction that at Copenhagen, Obama would sign a deal to institute a communist world government?

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