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Tiger Woods & Enron

I have admiration for Tiger Woods the sportsman and really couldn’t care less if his sexual drives lead him to have partners other than his wife.  But something is lost in my admiration for the guy because of a stench of hypocrisy. Woods’  configured public image as the ‘perfect family guy’ turns out to be just that –  public relations.  He is not the straight-up-and-down great athlete always totally in control that his media managers suggest is the case.  A hero is diminished. Perhaps it was naive of me to take the public messages about Woods at all seriously anyway.

Frank Rich in the NYT compares the disclosures about Woods with those concerning the failed corporation Enron.   That doesn’t seem to be an apt comparison since the activities of Enron at core were fraudulant and Woods is a great sportsperson.  I hope he sorts out his personal life soon and resumes his golfing career.  But there is hysteresis here that implies ongoing damage – can Woods be taken at his word again? His loss of credibility is csaid to have reduced stock market values of companies whose products he sponsored by US$12b and, ever keen to capitalise on the misfortunes of others, Hollywood is planning a movie on the Woods affairs.

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