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Avatar movie

I saw the James Cameron movie Avatar last night with my son William.  I thought it was the most entertaining movie I have seen in 2009.  I agree with Paul Burnes in the SMH that the plot was not challenging and that the final war footage grated but the movie technology saved the day. In addition, I generally endorsed  the instructional intent on environmental conservation that irritated others. The science fictional imagery on the verdant planet Pandora was absolutely spectacular.  There are 2D and 3D versions – try to see it in 3D.  This movie shows where modern movies can go using modern cinematic technology.

I’d be interested in the views of others. Son William loved it although he too noticed the lack of subtlety in the story line.  As he remarked – it is not the US military who are destroying the global environment – we all are.

2 comments to Avatar movie

  • Jim

    I saw the film last night. While it was good value (movies cost about 40 pesos in Mexico, or $3.50), I left feeling a bit guilty–kind of like after eating a kilogram of fried tacos.

    The story line was easy, if embarrassing. Think one of the new star war films (or maybe the old one with the teddy-bears), combined with Fern Gully, the childrens´ favourite. What I really enjoyed was the stupendous special effects.

    In all, if you have three hours to kill, and don´t mind the feeling of eating a kilogram of fried tacos, then go and see it.

  • The dialogues in this film could have been a lot better, and i expected the Jake Sully speech that prequels the war to be crisp and hard hitting like the Bill Pullman speech from Independence day and not the lame Braveheart ripoff. But the entire movie is a spectacle to behold and to be enjoyed on IMAX 3D. I did not write a comment on the day I watched the movie bcoz I was in the Avatar hangover and I knew it would have looked more as a PR exercise than a review. Fellas if you have already seen the movie then why are you here and if you have not what are you waiting for.

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