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Praising Telstra’s 3G

I haven’t had much to say that is positive about Telstra for quite a while. They have always seemed to me to be a slumbering monopolist that charges too much. I know Telstra has the widest mobile coverage nation-wide but I believed Optus was close behind. So several years ago I switched all my telephony […]

Birthdays ending in zero & Sardinian food

I turned 60 today and, although I have long had an aversion to birthdays ending in zero, I have decided to flaunt this one. I am sixty, I am sixty, I am sixty….

To mark this occasion I had a small birthday party yesterday at Pilu Restaurant at Freshwater Beach in Sydney where I enjoyed […]

Vale Alison Clarke 1917-2009

My mother passed away last Saturday.

The eulogy I delivered at her funeral today is over the fold.


Copenhagen outcomes

This post is a dump file that I will return to. […]

Plimer vs. Monbiot

I watched the Ian Plimer versus George Monbiot debate on Lateline the other evening – my initial response was at John Quiggin’s blog – and find it incredible that anyone attaches any credibility at all to the views of Professor Plimer. Indeed, one wonders what Plimer is doing in a university if his responses during […]

White-throated needletails help forecast rain?

Yesterday I noticed large flocks of White-throated needletails during the mid-afternoon while I was swimming at Mollymook Beach on the south coast of NSW. It is the second large flock I have seen this year – the first I noticed at the Ching Tombs north-east of Beijing.


Avatar movie

I saw the James Cameron movie Avatar last night with my son William. I thought it was the most entertaining movie I have seen in 2009. I agree with Paul Burnes in the SMH that the plot was not challenging and that the final war footage grated but the movie technology saved the day. In […]

China & the US at Copenhagen

China‚Äôs is criticising the US in Copenhagen ostensibly because the US is refusing to endorse the developed-countries-alone-must-make-absolute-emissions-cutbacks implication of the soon to be defunct Kyoto Agreement. This is an empty negotiation stance. The Copenhagen meetings are seeking to devise a successor agreement to Kyoto and to rectify the obvious deficiencies of that agreement. Moreover, the […]

Vale Paul Samuelson

Having studied and taught economics for just over 40 years I have no doubts as to who in my mind was the most influential and the greatest economist of the twentieth century and that was Paul Samuelson. I learnt this morning that Paul Samuelson has just died at age 94.


What is sought in Copenhagen

This editorial in The Guardian – reprinted in 56 newspapers around the world – says it all. The science of climate change is clear and the stakes are huge. Significant cuts to global emissions are needed and this […]

Summer grabs me by the throat once again.

Taking holidays on the south-coast of NSW as usual. Posting will be irregular over the next few weeks but I’ll try to keep in touch with the unfolding events in Copenhagen and the continuing implosions in the Liberal Party.

Turnbull attacks Abbott

Wow. Abbott as an unprincipled weathervane on climate change. It is an accurate description of Tony Abbott with one exception. Malcolm misrepresents by asserting that Abbott claims his policy will be zero cost. He doesn’t claim that but, by avoiding the use of market instruments, the Abbott policy will be high cost.

‘Tony […]

Eyes of world on Copenhagen.

While many have devoted time and effort trying to predict what will come out of the Copenhagen meetings I have largely elected to wait-and-see. Even that is difficult – this article from Bridges I found useful. It is the first in a series and I will update.


The mad monk’s success story?

The byelections in Bradfield and Higgins were interesting as they provided a test of what might happen to the Liberal Party as a consequence of Tony Abbott taking the leadership. Some former Liberal voters might have been expected to desert the Party as a consequence of its stance on climate change, some might actually be […]

CPRS defeated – where to now?

The CPRS bill has been defeated through the joint actions of the Coalition and the Greens in the Senate. Labor will present the bill for a third time rather than seek a double dissolution of both houses of Parliament. My preference would have been to get this highly imperfect bill passed but it has been […]

Minchin an ‘all rounder’ delusionist

It is well-known that the delusionist think-tanks on climate change were also skeptics on the issue of the health damages of cigarettes. In particular they argued, contrary to the claim of the US Surgeon General, that there was no evidence that secondary cigarette smoke caused health damages. One of their leading spokesmen (Fred Singer) argued […]

Abbott wins

Tony Abbott wins over Malcolm Turnbull narrowly and Joe Hockey is easily eliminated.