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NTEU & climate change

I normally don’t read the drivel put out by the NTEU (National Tertiary Education Union  but a recent issue of  Advocate expresses views favouring rejection of the CPRS that are so foolish that they attract attention. 

The NTEU prefer a ‘national pollution reduction scheme that does not primarily rely on market mechanisms’.  The intention is presumably to increase the social costs of dealing with GGEs by preventing markets from securing low mitigation cost options.

I think the NTEU should stick to its core competencies of seeking to force  stupid workplace practises and ignorant, partisan politics in the universities. They have a comparative advantage in dispensing the latter forms of stupidity.

8 comments to NTEU & climate change

  • conrad

    I agree, if I wanted to join a left-wing organization, I’d join the Greens — If the NTEU managed to bound their work and suggestions to tertiary education (and tertiary staff in particular), they might get more members.

  • Agreed.

    Even more than the specifics of the policy (which, as you’ve pointed out, is dumb) I don’t see why this is the NTEU’s business any more than abortions and gay marriage are the business of the shoppies union.

  • Jim

    As if I didn’t have other reasons not to join the NTEU, during the latest EA negotiations at La Trobe, they tried to talk me (or at least, people like me) out of their jobs.

    I enjoy my job, thank you. And I enjoy being sessional staff. I don’t appreciate a union which supposes to represent workers coercing my employer to target a reduction in casual teaching staff.

  • hc

    Jim, The attempts by the NTEU to promote “job security” among people starting off work in the universities (see the woman on the front cover of the latest Advocate) are an act of academic vandalism. It is unwise from the viewpoint of the university since it means that incompetent staff are hard to move on and defeats the interests of people such as yourself. Why should young academics beginning their careers be concerned with issues such as security anyway? Restrictions on casual teaching damages universities.

    The appeasement of this mob of vandals by overpaid, underworked university administrators has damaged universities like La Trobe for decades. Total disgrace – no excuses possible.

  • rabee

    Seems to me that they need more economists as members.

    Why don’t many economists join the NTEU? I think that its a free riding problem and the fact that many economists enjoy “winjin” after the fact (vote).

    The NTEU does good work but need guidance on economic issues, and I think that job security is important even at the junior level especially in Australia.

  • fxh

    more economists as members then all aca positions up for tender each year. or a dutch action.

    youll be able to tender in under Harrys current price and win the job.

  • Jim


    I´m sure job security is good for some people (normally those who are worst at their jobs, and stand most likely to be not rehired on flexible contracts), but not for me. The best job security is doing it well.

  • Uncle Milton

    It just goes to show, again, that it is possible to be smart (you can’t get a PhD or a job teaching in a university unless you’re smart) and yet, simultaneously, to be as dumb as dog shit.

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