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Source Dining, Albury

I have been in Albury-Wodonga the last few days teaching, golfing and eating.  Yes eating! For the 20 years or so I have been visiting A-W I have never found it difficult to discover a good restaurant and, with Rutherglen just down the road,  there are plenty of good wines to stir the appetite in the early afternoon.  The last few years I have made a point when visiting of eating at  Source Dining  a remarkably good restaurant with an unpretentious facade in downtown Albury.  This restaurant is something special for NSW-Victoria not just Albury! The wine list is carefully selected and reasonably priced with a very good range of fortifieds. While the modern Australian main courses are the sensible reason for going there, I am always eager to get to the deserts.  A couple of nights ago, following fresh Sydney rock oysters and roast duck with jellied tangy orange I couldn’t believe this crew could disappoint me with dessert so I – bravely – ordered olive oil icecream with white asparagus.   Despite my fears it is hard to exaggerate how really good it was. Creamy and divine.

4 comments to Source Dining, Albury

  • Krystian

    “This restaurant is something special for Victoria not just Albury!” – But Albury is in NSW.

  • hc

    Err…why is it that I always associate good food with Victoria not NSW. I stand corrected.

  • I doubt if I could stomach Olive Oil icecream with asparagus even after socking back a couple of bottles of red and a 5 course meal on expenses.

  • hc

    FXH, I ordered this outrageous concoction on the basis that I wanted to know how the hell they would pull it off. Its not just passable – but an excellent dessert and (so I am told) a fairly standard one in Italy and elsewhere.

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