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Estimating instantaneous traffic congestion costs

In commenting on an earlier thread Paul H cited a graphic showing how the Chinese know what the short-run travel times are in a vast city like Beijing.  It is apparently based on the (real time) travel times of 10,000 taxis in the city. It provides a guide to instantaneous marginal congestion costs based on information from GPS boxes in the taxis.  A spectacular graphic that could presumably be replicated in any city.  Take a look.

2 comments to Estimating instantaneous traffic congestion costs

  • JSav

    That’s an interesting graphic.

    I’d love to see a paper which estimates the cost (both in time & excess pollution) of speed bumps and level crossings in Melbourne. The fact Bell St has two level crossings (Upfield line and Epping line) shows just how unimaginative our past and present rulers have been.

  • hc

    That info would be useful for evaluating the benefits from flyovers. I doubt they are large. Streets like Bell St are congested and a flyover will only shift congestion to the next intersection.

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