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Chinaco & BHP-Billiton/Rio – last words

I was criticised for asserting that the key objective of Chinalco in targeting Rio was to offset its monopoly power and that of BHP-Billiton.   Reports this morning suggest that I was correct – China is threatening to take anti-trust moves against BHP and Rio presumably in China. Hard to see how since, in the main,  BHP-Rio sell resources to China and don’t have significant businesses in that country.  More to come I am sure……

3 comments to Chinaco & BHP-Billiton/Rio – last words

  • conrad

    I agree — it’s hard to see how sticking anti-trust laws on a monopoly you have to buy from is going to do much. Perhaps they should stick some on OPEC too if they really think it will make a difference. I guess the main winner will be those Brazilian guys, who will be able to charge more than they be able to otherwise.

  • Harry you may not remember me but we met several times in the 60s. Nigel Balaam passed on your web address to me. His brother Brian looks at and reads your site regularly. I was and still am a mate of Phil Tuckerman and also knew and still know his wife, your sister, as well. I could not find a direct email to contact you so I have chosen this oblique fashion via a comment to an article.

  • hc

    Remember you well along with Gary, Serge (RIP), Brian, Nigel and Michael C. I see Michael about once a decade but haven’t seen any of the others for nearly forty years. Its good to hear from you and to see that you have your own web page. I’ll be in touch.

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