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Chinese climate change policies

An intelligent, straightforward statement of climate change problems facing Australia and China was provided by Professor Ross Garnaut at the East Asia Form blog.  It is very much a summary of the main argument of the Garnaut Review – nothing wrong with that – the core proposal of (i) a ‘drift from below’ for developing countries and (ii) a ‘drift from above’ for developed countries towards equal per capita emissions by 2050 sounds like a sensible, practical global policy.

I will start a stay of a month or so in China in a few weeks time and am trying to accumulate some information on Chinese climate policies.

Some earlier posts I have made on this topic include this, this and this.

There is useful information at the Pew Centre website.  It contains links to other important material.

Here is an important June 2007 statement from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission.

This is China’s White Paper: China’s policies and actions on climate change that was released late in 2008 by the State Council Information Office.

This is China’s declared position on the forthcoming Copenhagen climate change conference. That’s the target of the work I wish to do.

Here is some (fairly) vague material on the current state of US-Chinese negotiations.

This is an interesting piece by William Chandler on ‘Breaking the US-China Suicide Pact’ on climate change.  Chandler has also compiled this piece on ‘Financing Energy Efficiency in China’.

Here is an impressive overview of the Copenhagen negotiations and the problems these negotiations will face by John Whalley and Sean Walsh. It is subtle – superficially fairly bland but scratching for basics.

This is an interesting piece by reader MikeM (thanks Mike) on the way the Chinese are leading the way in carbon-efficient coal-fired power generation.  The piece reminded me of a related recent article I read in the NYT on Chinese leadership of the electric car industry.

The ANU’s Shiro Armstrong put me onto this piece on the East Asia Forum Blog and a very interesting (though short) piece by  Youngsheng Zhang on the analytics of the Chinese approach

This NYT article summarises the current state of negotiations between China and the US.

Excellent articles from Die Spiegel on the Chinese and US policy positions.

I am trying to put some more material together on Chinese (and necessarily US) climate change policy issues over the next week and will add them to this post as I do without comment.  Suggestions welcome.

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