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Road taxes & charges

Here is a seminar I gave at La Trobe University on road tax reform.  Comments, questions, outrageously over-the-top praise and emphatic disagreements very welcome.

3 comments to Road taxes & charges

  • conrad

    Good luck. Unfortunately, I think you could come up with the most reasonable arguments in the world to try to reduce traffic congestion, but the problem is a political one, not a logical one. Just go to Sydney and see what people there put up with. I don’t see people asking for new road taxes (or similar), even though everyone seems to spend half their life sitting in traffic. They also vote in idiots like Roozendaal who can take some blame for this.

    Off topic, the online PP stuff works great.

  • hc

    On the off topic comment. I agree. This Posterous software is very useful and free. You can put qa Powerpoint presentation online in seconds.

  • RH

    I am curious that you did not mention the FBT tax on salary sacrificed cars which encourage people to go to all sorts of lengths to try and get their 25,000 km per year so as to minimise their tax – this is a major issue surely affecting road usage (volume) and the environment (complete waste of petrol).

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