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Idiot Australians abroad

Alexander Downer sorts them out.

Yes, and the evidence was that Annice Smoel was drunk, did steal an expensive  beermat, did make a run for it and did abuse arresting officers.   What did she expect?

6 comments to Idiot Australians abroad

  • conrad

    I’m not sure I agree with too much Downer says, but I do on that.

  • Uncle Milton

    I cannot believe that some people who were rescued from the Lebanese war zone in 2006 and flown back to Australia on the taxpayer tab asked if they could get frequent flyer points for the trip. Downer must have made that up.

  • derrida derider

    Why do so many Aussies think overseas travel is an opportunity for really bad behaviour? Wherever I’ve gone I’ve run into yobbos who made me reluctant to admit my nationality.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, no-one can justify the Bali bombing but I can see why a puritanical Muslim Balinese might consider Australians to be scum.

  • conrad

    “Wherever I’ve gone I’ve run into yobbos who made me reluctant to admit my nationality”
    I don’t have this experience — I think it depends a lot on where you go and what you do. There are of course a lot of “dickhead destinations”, with Bali being one of them (and no doubt places in Thailand too). A bit like Spain and Sydney for the English.

  • via collins

    I’m with Conrad on this one.

    I read of the dickhead experiences often enough, but have travelled a lot, and never really experienced them. Like Conrad again, I’d do almost anything humanly possible to avoid potential dickhead hotspots.

    Travelled Etihad last month, and was amazed to hear the Australian voices on staff on planes, and at airport. I was ready for the exotic middle-east, but may as well have been at home.

    Thanks for link Harry – like Conrad again, I have next to no time for Downer on pretty well anything, but that’s a fabulous piece of writing. I actually feel a little sorry for him!

  • hc

    I lived in Thailand for 8 years and did outrageous things – some I cringe at now. But I never had problems with the police. Mostly I found them courteous and efficient. Unlike Aussie police they are searching for convenient solutions.

    I never paid a bribe and the single time I needed their services I was really impressed. On this occasion a car ran across a petrol station and crashed into my stationary vehicle. The police arrived, impounded the guy’s car and took his keys with the understanding that he would get the keys back when he paid me 2000 baht (about $80) to cover the cost of the repair. He paid the next day and the on-the-spot damages covered the cost of the repairs at the station. Rough justice – I thought it was pretty neat.

    On another occasion I turned up for a car license test and took the whole thing lightly. I failed it. The officer made me come back – a 40 km visit – and listen to a 90 minute lecture on road safety in Thai. I didn’t speak Thai at that time so understood nothing and complained to the officer to this effect. He spoke a bit of English and told me that I needed to learn the Thai traffic rules and take Thai law seriously. I was mad as hell at the time but thought, on balance, he was right.

    I never came across much bad bogan behaviour there – some of the Aussie women were amazingly crude and stupid but no-one I knew stole things. Some of the British ex patriates I met in Bangkok were appalling in their arrogant attitudes. But I think the Thai are very tolerant and accepting of so much that we ‘farang’ dish out. The Thai are decent people and deserve our respect not anger or resentment.

    It is different living in Thailand. The culture and everything. But things have a logic. If you wait and watch – and most important, don’t lose your cool – the logic and the commonsense emerges. The bureaucracy sometimes seems lengthy but it works – just be patient.

    Ms. Annice would have had no problems whatever had she remained cool and courteous. As it was the Governor of the area paid her fine. Despite the deplorable way she behaved and the asinine nature of the Australian press reports (‘Thai jail hell’) he was really good. He would not have liked to see her uncomfortable. Its the Thai way. But his job was to implement the law and the Aussie owner of the bar did seek police intervention.

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