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Grange 1983

I enjoyed a small family-based ‘Mother’s Day’  celebration this year at the Golden Dragon Palace in Lower Templestowe, Melbourne.  The highlight for me, in terms of wine consumed, was a monumental 1983 Grange Hermitage. Along with the 1955, the 1962, the 1971 and the 1990 this is one of the great Granges of history.   Among these great wines I have in fact consumed only the 1971 and 1983 vintages – I’ll leave the few 1990s I have for 4 or 5 more years.  I missed ever trying the 1955 Grange – I assume it is well over the hill by now – a source of regret since I could have bought it at a comparative pittance 20 years back. 

I drank a bottle of the 1983 Grange about 10 years back and, although it had obviously softened, it was still had massive fruit and oak.  I thought it needed more time. Now at age 26 years it has softened further into a great wine – sweet with a steely backbone of strong tannins. It remains big with intense multi-dimensional fruit (mainly plum and Xmas pudding flavours) and unbelievably rich, almost feminine, perfumes.  There was sadness when the last drops had gone – a great international wine. 

I am sure that this wine will be at its peak for at least another decade.  I’ll drink a couple more over the next 5 years or so.

6 comments to Grange 1983

  • Uncle Milton

    That’s a $600 bottle of wine. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • hc

    I wouldn’t buy a bottle for this price but wouldn’t sell the few I have at this price either – I have a high willingness-to-accept compensation. Hence, as is often observed and contrary to standard consumer theory,
    WTP < WTAC. The usual reasons can be advanced - there are quite high transaction costs of selling - but for me the pleasure of having an occasional splurge makes sense. You don't do it often and the memories have something of the character of a durable good.

  • Uncle Milton

    Actually you can buy and sell Grange on eBay for a very small transactions cost. But I agree with your second reason. The utility of the occasion far exceeds the monetary value.

  • And Ms hc – enjoyed the red more than you? Or did you palm her off with a $5 bottle of fizzy white while you slurped up the equivalent of your soon to disappear taxpayer funded private health insurance handout?

  • hc

    FXH, She isn’t a big drinker but, yes,she enjoyed this. I think Rev. Fred Nile would enjoy this one.

  • Harry,

    I think the pleasure is sweeter when there has been years of patience and restraint. An admirable feat in keeping your bottle for this long. I’m sure the 1990 will bring equal pleasure when you try it.


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