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I dont have anything to add to my earlier posts (here, here) about this most important day.  It is a day of national pride and of reflection for those lost.

But this article in today’s Australian touched me.   Beautifully written and accurate.

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  • Sir Henry Casingbroke

    Anzac Day is as much about self-delusion as it is about paying homage to the fallen – and of course I have no problem whatsoever with the latter, involving the amazing psychological mystery of self-sacrifice, evolving out of some impulsive pure love for one’s immediate fellows (rather than the larger organisations such as king and country).

    I am not going to critique the badly written and ideological piece in The Australian here but I have to ask, how does scaling cliffs at Gallipoli square with the concept of bringing freedom to Australia? Quite the reverse is true, I would have thought: Australians were part of a force invading Turkey, which the Turks defended to the death, with the same sentiments that promoted by the article. Can both be right? Clearly, the rationale given in The Australian has to be treated, at best, as an allegory and not the literal truth. Like the Bible.

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