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Spam, abuse & inadvertent comment deletion

Two points:

1. I won’t tolerate abusive comments on this blog.  I will delete such comments ASAP and will permanently ban people posting such comments.  I will not revise this view on the basis of claims of my own allegedly past bad behaviour. Life is too short to waste on such discussants.  Critical comments are welcome – unless you have been banned – but rudeness to me or other participants in online discussion is something not catered for here.

If you wish to stage an ongoing complaint about someone else in the blogosphere then do it elsewhere – not here.  It may take me 24 hours but with probability one I will delete your efforts and ban you permanently from my blog.  I am not interested in discussing this policy.

2. Unfortunately a  few (very useful and informative) comments went into my spam queue because they contained too many hyperlinks. WordPress protects sites against postings that have many hyperlinks because these are often spam. I have relaxed this constraint and hope that works.  If your comment does not appear and it does not fall into the category of comments discussed in 1. above please email me and I will try to deal with the situation.

Many thanks.

6 comments to Spam, abuse & inadvertent comment deletion

  • John Mashey

    You may want to incorporate some of this into your “Profile & Comments Policy” so that it is easily available, rather than getting buried by newer posts.

  • hc

    I’ll do that John.

  • Uncle Milton

    Harry, yesterday’s episode was not merely derogatory but defamatory and included threats of violence. Owners of blogs are publishers are subject to libel law, so you need to be vigilant to take defamatory comments down as soon as you can. Threats of violence may need to be referred to the police.

  • hc

    I have kept the deleted comments from yesterday’s episode plus one threatening comment received this morning. I have also kept the relevant IP and email addresses.

    I have no hesitation in going to the police or taking other direct legal action against those who break the law.

  • John Mashey

    An idle thought, purely as an online social mechanism that might emulate in-person ones:

    Rather than completely removing a post, you might leave the name & posting date, and replace the text with a code or phrase saying why. Maybe do that for the first such from someone.

    This has the useful social effect of publicly establishing behavior, at least for people who use the same name/pseudonym, and it saves disk space compared to merely disemvoweling.

  • Paul Norton

    Uncle Milton #3 and hc #4, as one of the people defamed and threatened on 21 April I personally have no intention of taking the matter up with the authorities. Nonetheless I can only speak for myself and Uncle Milton’s advice is quite sound.

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