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Canaries in coal mines 2

Even the zombies who care nothing about their natural environment  should feel some real fear in connection with current changes.  In the US today fully one third of all bird species are ‘endangered, threatened or in serious decline’.  Isn’t this troubling? Doesn’t it raise some doubt about the sustainability of human life on the planet that species which have existed for millenia are disappearing en masse. I am concerned about aesthetic impacts – I don’t want to live in denuded landscapes where our only companions are rats and cockroaches – but there are also survival issues here.

The 2009 US report, State of the Birds, is here.  The video is propagandist and emotional as it should be.

3 comments to Canaries in coal mines 2

  • Lesley de Voil

    Hi Harry
    Congrats on the new site. There’s just one quibble. All your photos seem to be of North American subjects, when we had a perfectly good cyclone last month, and the Crimson Finch is listed as vulnerable, too.

  • hc

    Lesley, The Crimson finch is reasonably abundant.. Others such as the Gouldian finch are scarce and the Blue-faced parrot finch although common is hard to get in Australia. I worked hard when last near Mount Molloy but missed it.

  • Lesley de Voil

    Yeah, there may be plenty of them at the moment, but if you read you’ll see that there are threats from invasive weeds, feral animals and changed fire regimes that could tip the scales easily. Hence vulnerable.
    I just hope you are going to use some Aussie photos instead of this stock stuff.
    Do you take your camera while birdwatching? I got the pleasure of having my own spotting recorded by ‘digiscope’ (just place digital camera over defocussed telescope and fire away) the other week! Real thrill for this newbie ( ).

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