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Turnaround for the Coalition?

With its total domination of the Australian political scene are the public becoming cautious about State Labor? Are Australians tiring of Kevin Rudd’s hot air politics? The cartoon above (from The Age) is an absolute delight.
In NSW Morris Iemma would be thrashed on the basis of current opinion polls and yesterday’s State Government by-elections in Victoria also look good for the Coalition – the Nationals got a 7% swing to them in Gippsland and there was a 13% swing against Labor in Kororoit – admittedly, in the main, to independent Les Twentyman.

The performance of the Liberals in NSW has been disgraceful for years in the face of a hopeless, corruption-ridden Labor Party but the trend is finally a bit more positive for the Coalition.

1 comment to Turnaround for the Coalition?

  • derrida derider

    Yep, this is high tide for Labor and it’s probably starting to run out. Carying the seeds of its own destruction, and all that. But you have to admit it is a very high tide indeed.

    The Iemma goverment is mediocre at best, but its fall has already been long delayed – and may be further delayed – by the continuing influence of the Opies and other far right nutters in the NSW Liberal party.

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