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Open thread – the mid-semester examination

The mid-semester examination has been set and will cover all material up to Lecture 11. The examination is compulsory.

If you have problems with unit material you should see you tutor or the lecturer as soon as possible. The ‘Help Desk’ can also be consulted.

Finally, you can ask questions in the comments section below either anonymously (using a pseudonymn) or using your name.

Don’t leave your requests for help to the last few days before the examination.

We are trying to do what we can to offer every possible assistance in this unit. Please take advantage of these opportunities.

10 comments to Open thread – the mid-semester examination

  • Anonymous

    Testing to see that the comments facility works – it does!

  • Johnny Nguyen

    Where and when the “HelpDesk” is available Sir? If the price ceiling line and price floor line are in the same side about the equilibrium point, what will happen?

  • hc

    Only one constraint will bind. The price ceiling if below the price floor if below.

    Ask your tutor re help desk or see them.

  • Anonymous

    harry, what types of questions in the midterm test? are they all MCQ (multiple choices)? Is there any mathemetical question?

  • Johnny Nguyen

    I’ve known that USA is a importer but why the US economy still develop?

    As Vietnam is an example of exporter, it’s still poor?

  • hc

    All multiple choice.

    Johnny, Both importing and exporting provide gains but that is no guarantee of high living standards. You will however be better off with trade.

  • Johnny Nguyen


    Could you do me a favor? Please send me the trial or past exams paper! i can’t login the WebCT rightnow, please! my gmail is

  • hc

    As this is the first time I have taught this unit there are no past exams.

  • Anonymous

    Are micro lectures and tutorials still running this week?

  • hc

    Tuts are running. Only the Thursday lectures will run.

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