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Keating on McGuinness

Ex-Prime Minister, Paul Keating, labels Paddy McGuinness a ‘fraud and a liar’ on the eve of Paddy’s funeral. Keating has always (quote) ‘made it a rule never to speak ill of the dead; to not criticise someone who can no longer respond to the criticism’ but on this occasion has made an exception because Paddy failed to recognise all that Keating had done for Australia.

Indeed, to Keating, McGuinness had an ‘intellectually corrupt mind that was all over the shop depending on what suited his miserable purposes at the time’.

Keating’s own way with the truth in relation to McGuinness are pointed out by Kate McClymont.

There are some stinker ex-Liberal PMs – Malcolm Fraser probably the worst – but Keating takes some beating in the Labor stakes. Would he have made these sorts of remarks while McGuinness was alive? If not then why wait until now? These statements say more about Keating than McGuinness.

This is a decent obituary. Paddy’s funeral is today.

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