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Harry gets two gongs & a deafening silence

I was pleased to get a nomination for best blog post of 2007 (run by Online Opinion and Troppo) with a widely-criticised piece on Australia’s treatment of Md. Haneef. Methinks the leftist loonie critics do protest too much. This post is my first serious chance to win a logie. I thank my family, God and all the other less interesting blog posts out there for giving me this chance.

I was also pleased to get the award of best Australian economics blog from the prolific US-based Bayesian Heresy blog. Now there’s a sensitive appreciation of the finer things. How can I mention this in the About Me description to the right of the posts without appearing, well, conceited? Does this award justify a Wikipedia entry?

But there is a deafening silence and lack of appreciation from that Robin Hood in Tights at Larvatus Prodeo, Mark Bahnisch, who in a recent post, lists the ‘distinguished crew of blogging economists in Australia’ but misses me entirely. It is worse than having a paper rejected by the Economic Record or coming second last in English 1A at the Forest High School.

I am going home to mother – despite my new found celebrity status I just can’t take this treatment anymore. Even from cliche-mongering, boring lefties.

It might well turn out to be a case of ‘cream buns at 50 paces’ or ‘pillow cases at 25 yards’ as my newly-achieved celebrity status stalls, and perhaps even crash lands.

6 comments to Harry gets two gongs & a deafening silence

  • rabee

    I call bullshit. I was the only one that nominated you for the Club Troppo award and it was for

    The Hanif post was vile and disgusting, typical HC, which is perhaps why some fascist yank likes your blog.

  • Spiros

    Congratulations on your award.

    You do write good stuff about economics.

    But your writing on politics is naive, silly and shrill.

    Of course you are not the only Australian economist who writes on politics. Quiggin is the obvious other. Compared to Quiggin, you have the comparative advantage in economics, while he has the comparative advantage in politics.

    Though he has the absolute advantage in both.

  • rabee


    I like your blog Harry. I read it four five times a day.
    It’s the most entertaining political blog in Australia.

    It’s also smart. Very neo-Jacobean

  • hc

    Rabee, Well I certainly agree with your PS.

    Spiros, You always put things so nicely. My politics represent the views of half the Australian population – the sensible half.

  • hc

    Sorry Spiros but you can only insult me once per post on this blog. I deleted your repetitious insult.

  • via collins


    I am puzzled as to why you are so obsessed with Mark Bahnisch.

    I came to Kalimna for the wine, I’ve enjoyed much of the general content, but I disagree almost wholly with every word you’ve written on Haneef. And why you keep jumping onto Larvatus Prodeo to defend your position is a mystery. It’s a pretty shabby look really.

    Congrats on your awards.

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