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Saturday golf miscellany

This came from a commercial source but they are rather neat clips of Jason Zuback, who claims to be the world’s longest golf ball hitter, as he clocks a golf ball. This is a shorter clip of the same guy. I have been watching it repeatedly this afternoon in the hope something will rub off.

4 golf balls swallowed by a myopic carpet python have been sold for $1401 on Ebay.

Meanwhile, the way for young golfers to defeat Tiger Woods is to ‘lynch him in a back alley’ according to network announcer Kelly Tilghman. Poor choice of words there Kelly – she has issued a public apology and was stood down for a fortnight.

On a happier note some inspiring video clips of Tiger Woods exercising his own brand of poetry. I also enjoyed the background views of some of the US’s best golf courses.

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  • becks

    Kelly Tilghman never should have said what she did, but mistakes like this have been made more than once through the years. She issued an apology, has been suspended and that’s it – ENOUGH. Please give it a rest Al Sharpton.

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