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Growling frogs & barking owls

I head back to work today after nearly 4 weeks off. I finished my holidays with a week of golf and bird-watching- yesterday playing at the magnificent, links-style, Growling Frog Golf Course (it is named after this). Then in the evening I went with zoologist Dr. Bob Anderson and his friend Jan to Puckapunyal in search of a Barking owl – finally getting one in the Graytown military base area at about 11pm – my first ever sighting of this bird and success after numerous previous failed attempts. For 20 minutes we ‘woofed’ at the owl and it ‘woofed’ back. An amazing experience that I won’t forget.

By the way, the Growing Frog Golf Course is working hard to conserve both the frog and a legless lizard. Puckapunyal is a military base also seeking to conserve a sustainable environment. There are environmental compromises with reality which can work.

2 comments to Growling frogs & barking owls

  • Anonymous

    I thought you guys got 35 weeks leave, harry?

  • Ungrateful Troublemaker

    Thdefence Force is getting a good reputation nowadays for being environmentally responsibility – especially in the ShoalWater Bay Training Area in Queensland.

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