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Macquarie Bank’s debt?

From The Australian some continued probing about the size of Macquarie Bank’s debt is still not providing answers. Is it as Jim Chanos asserts around $90 billion and is it the case, as I asked a few weeks ago, that Macquarie Bank is a Ponzi scheme destined to collapse?

This would leave its current managers drenched in wealth but its shareholders with nothing. Macquarie yesterday reported a strong financial performance over the past year though things slowed in the second half a bit.

4 comments to Macquarie Bank’s debt?

  • Anonymous


    This is a very silly and dangerous post. You’reas king leading questions while attempting to create the impression that MacBank is problematic.

    Every single one of its funds could fall and MacBank wouldn’t be harmed, harry.

    Pealse try to be a little more accurate.

  • Steve Edney

    I reckon they might struggle a bit with future business were every one of their funds to fail.

  • hc

    I disagree with your assessment anonymous and so too does Fortune magazine where the views of Chanos were published.

  • Brenda Morley

    Does this mean that Macquarie Airports could go belly-up – should I sell

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