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I am golfing Thursday at Rosanna so taking a break. A favourable poll for the Liberal Party would improve my putting. I am jangly at the prospect of ear-wax munches, rock stars and barren, leftist women running the country. Back Friday.

Thursday afternoon update: My putting was terrible. Curse Kevin Rudd and his popularity. But I did see a King parrot flying over on the 4th hole. Not a rare bird but I’ve never seen one before in this part of the Yarra River parklands.

9 comments to Holiday

  • gilmae

    “It also shows the contempt they feel for Australian public opinion and their need for abuse in dealing with figures such as the Prime Minister. He is a ‘liar’, ‘a rodent’ and so on.”

    “I am jangly at the prospect of ear-wax munches, rock stars and barren, leftist women running the country”

    Oh. Oh, the deliberate irony was so subtle, I almost thought you were getting a little hysterical.

  • Anonymous

    Gilmae You twit

    there is nothing Harry said here that is dishonest.

    Rudd was caught eating his ear wax,

    Garret is a former rock star.

    and Gillard is a childless leftist.

  • gilmae

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that’s what it is about. Rock yourself to sleep now.

  • Anonymous


    You haven’t thought about this.

    How embarrasing is for the nation if Rudd breaks into an ear wax or nose picking frenzy at a state dinner.

    Embarrassing right?

    Do you wanna risk it?

  • gilmae

    The notion that there might actually be people have a serious fret at such a prospect entertains me no end. Bex would be making a killing if they were still around.

  • Francis Xavier Holden

    I have it on good authority that the Ruddites (or Rudd Guards) will socialise all golf courses and private gold equipment as tools of the ruling class.

    Golf courses will be turned into go-kart, trail bike and stock car raceways, the clubhouses will be forced to serve $2 pots and play Barnsey and ac/dc exclusively at full volume, tuned slightly off perfect, and flannalette shirts and mullett haircuts and pot bellies, will be compulsory. (I’m sure you can meet some of the criteria.)

    In addition academics will be forced to parade down the Olympic Village mall in Heidleberg West(or nearest ALDI store) bearing signs with TAXEATER writ large every pension day.

    The extremists will have you exiled to a collective wheat farm in the Mallee to do weeding in the 30C heat. Your kids will be extracted from their $12,000 a year subsidised private schools to clean the toilets of the muslim refugees given free housing in Toorak.

    As an additional gratuitous humiliation the incoming Commos will adopt your policies of banning all heroin, cannabis and tobacco use with the approapraite death penalty.

    Possession of red wine more than 2 years old will attract a 5 year community order involving cleaning house for drug users on the dole.

  • hc

    Oh, not the golf courses.

  • Bring Back CL's blog


    that was fantastic.

    Well done

    Watch out Arry the Rudd guards have you in their sights

  • you will easily get pot belly if you are eating too much carbohydrates *

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