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RIP Mr. John Ilhan

Mr John Ilhan was brought up on (what some would describe as) the wrong side of the tracks in Broadmeadows. He was a migrant from Turkey who arrived in Australia at age 3 and was an ex student of La Trobe University. He died today from a suspected heart attack – aged only 42. He left behind a wife, three daughters and an infant son.

He founded the Crazy Johns mobile phone stores in 1991 (their tribute here) – now there are 120 stores. He was one of Australia’s very wealthy, very successful businessmen -ambitious, entrepreneurial and a generous philanthropist to boot.

His is an inspirational rags-to-riches story. His death is a tragedy for his family and friends. Australian business lost a talented man.

Eddie Maguire said about Mr Ilhan.

“He says everything about the migrant success story. Turkish boy, lands in Broadmeadows, has a shopfront in Brunswick, turns it into a multi-million dollar

“But at the same time… he still looked after his parents and looked after the community and put everything he could put back into it.”

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