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I do like to be beside the seaside…

16 comments to I do like to be beside the seaside…

  • jihadi joe

    Ha, aha, ha, ha ha. Gosh, I love your racist humor! So witty so funny. Why don’t you go and get to know some musliims, you might be less afraid of them.

  • hc

    There is nothing racist about this humour and I have plenty of Muslim friends. Why don’t you join the rest of humanity and be able to take a giggle at the inanities of people.

  • Anonymous

    There is something wrong about ridiculing what is a normal thing in another culture. This is what you are doing, this is why it is racist. In the contetxt of your constant attach on muslims, you should be aware how this comes across.

  • hc

    Treating women in this way is ridiculous – and worthy of a jibe -and not at all normal. It is not racist to point ridiculous humiliations placed on women.

    Muslims should be open to criticism and, where justified, satirical humour just as are every other group in contemporary society is.

    If you think this type of behaviour and treatment of women is ‘normal’ you have problems not me.

    If you think it is ‘normal’ why are you so thin-skinned about the humour – you shoulds instead brag about this ‘normal’ way of treating half of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    PS: Lets see the jokes about Ultra Orthodox jewish women being ”forced” to cut all their hair off. Why the double standards??

  • hc

    Show me the joke.

  • Sarah

    Hmmm I don’t see the humour in it at all, although I think if that woman is wearing it because of some sort of expectation of modesty rather than because it’s her own choice then it’s just as ridiculous as when western women used to be compelled to wear long skirts into the water when they visited the beach. Highly impractical, but not really funny.

    I actually thought the picture looked rather romantic 🙂

  • hc

    An offensive, anonymous post has been removed.

  • hc

    Another offensive post deleted Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever spoken to a religious Muslim woman about why she wears the veil?

  • hc

    No. The Muslim women I know would never wear this clothing.

  • Anonymous

    No more questions your honour, the prosecution rests, the defendant having just admitted to the crime of ignorance of those he seeks to ridicule.

  • hc

    Anonymous, I don’t know any of the child brides in Afghanistan either (see here) but I still find this practice abhorrent and will continue to criticise and ridicule it.

    Women lose out big under Islam – if not because they become child brides then simply because they are treated as the property of men. Hence honour killings the whole horrible business.

    Its sad given that women comprise half of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed on Child brides. Children don’t have a choice. But there are heaps of other sub-cultures where children are abused, even systemmatically, not just the indigent parts of the Islamic world. Take the Boston Archdiocese, for instance.

    You cannot counter the point about your lack of interaction with mature women who wear the veil, and hence your inability to understand their choice, by pointing out worse things in the culture

    This is your worst non-sequitur yet, and that is saying something.

  • hc

    That children are abused under Catholicism is contemptible. Your attempt to justify these practices under Islam because dirty old men in the Catholic Church suggests that you not me are committing non-sequiters.

    My point was to say I will not be silenced from criticising contemptible social practices because I have not spoken directly to the victims.

    Women are treated unjustly in most Islamic societies. It is the inability of Muslims such as yourself to even admit there is a problem that creates communication difficulties with non-Muslims.

    Why always the excuses? How many Catholics do you know who condone the treatment of children by pedophile priests?

    Any criticism at all of Islam or any attempted humoour directed at its practises is treated by Muslims as an attack. Yet civilised people discuss the problems of other religions as religions all the time.

    Moreover the attitude of intolerance and undue sensitivity isolates Islam.

    BTW why always anonymous? Why not just say who you are? In the posts I have suppressed you threatened me and called me a coward. What about yourself?

  • Insight

    This whole discussion lacks in insightful analysis;furthermore, it shows prejudiced and biased ideas about not only the anthropology and arabism of Islamic societies, but also the misunderstanding of the western cultures. I recommend both to read more about Islam and the real palce and treatment women deserve in it. That is because,at the dawn of islam,no religious dogma has truly valued the importance of women than Islam compared to the cases of judaism and Christianity which see women as being responsible for the original downfall of Adam from the heavens and as being so called “Agents” of the Devil because of their tempting attractions to do evil. Islam has cleared women of such calomnies and derogatory and false statements.
    As for the western world, the very notion of feminism- which is not the same concept as the islamic one-, helped reintroduce the true identities and roles of women by the side of men without earlier pretenses from religious dogma.The concept of feminism is not understood the same way as it is as far as the Islamic and the western societies are concerned. Muslim Women tend to grasp their feminism through a quite different prism.As a matter of fact, you have to look into the anthrology of Islamic and non-islamic societies to truly seize upon the true meanings related to their pecularity.