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My need to go ‘dum-dum’

I’ve been working hard for the last couple of weeks – mainly on tobacco issues – and reached the phase where the point of diminishing returns to what ever limited creativity I might have has been very much exceeded.

I feel the need for a ‘do nothing’ interlude where my brain is disengaged and, to use the phrase of an old friend, I go ‘dum-dum’. A bit of wine, lack of intent and recognition of the strategic advantages of some (hopefully temporary) general stupidity is needed. I’ve done that this evening and hence needed help with this post.

I asked my 9-year old son, William, to help me and he said:

Write about how the government is trying to take people’s holidays away and why they shouldn’t – he saw the WorkChoices ads on the TV. OK, so the government shouldn’t!

He also said people should not stay inside all day but should go outside and do some exercise. I don’t think he was talking directly about me but he did think birdwatching was a good idea. I’ll try tomorrow. Promise.

He also thought that kids should be restricted to less than 5 hours playing video games and watching TV per day a generous target that, quite honestly, he does not always meet himself. He has several of his dad’s hypocritical genes and flair for prescription.

He also thought we should do something about helping poor people, global warming, pollution and excessive water use. How could anyone disagree? I’ll start next Monday.

So that’s it for this week, I’ll return refreshed and reinvigorated Saturday. Consider this a free post zone. Do you ever need to go ‘dum dum’? How do you do it if you do it?

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