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Repositioning La Trobe University

The Green Paper Repositioning La Trobe University written by new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Johnson, was released yesterday.

It is discussed in this morning’s Age and Australian newspapers. The Age continues its campaign to denigrate LTU with a totally negative report – it never misses an opportunity to do this. The Australian’s discussion is more positive and helpful.

The main ideas of the Green Paper – as discussed in the press – are to consolidate courses and to cut teaching time by 25% by cutting out small enrolment units. Also teaching only positions would be available thus releasing staff to do more research. Moves to promote more graduate level programs across the whole university will be accelerated.

It would be inappropriate for me to comment on the content of the VC’s report in a public forum – it’s only a discussion paper at this stage anyway – but I am impressed with the way he is addressing himself to the issues faced. He is promoting discussion throughout the university and even talks about starting an in campus blog.

The university faces some tough choices but having a VC who is intelligent and active provides a sense of renewed optimism.

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