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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Kalimna! You are 1 today. Over the past year there have been 607 posts here, an average of 1.7 per day, with around 180 daily visitors looking each day at a total of 350 page views. This performance won’t break records but it is a start.

I initially made a resolution to give blogging a trial for a year and then to rethink options. And I will continue, though my efforts may be scaled back. Joshua Gans celebrated the 1st birthday of his Core economics blog just 2 days ago and remarked that he seldom spent more than 30 minutes per post. My guess is that I spend closer to 45 minutes per post – maybe I am less productive than Joshua – so posting takes 1.5 hours each day. This is hard to sustain particularly as I spend time looking at other blogs and websites. I also have a job, family, my yabby and….you know the rest…

I have had some well-intentioned grizzles about the emphasis on work-related posts but work is an important part of my life and posting on work-related topics reduces implicit costs of blogging. I have also had several less well-intentioned grizzles that have been consumed, chewed over and externalised.

I gave this blog the name Kalimna rather than Harry Clarke’s blog as I thought I might want to take on partners (the name is also a favoured non-native rhododendron hybrid, the intended name of Clarke Mansions and a reasonable Penfolds wine) but I have come to realise that I prefer to run my own show and have occasional guest posts so, from today, I’ll revert to a more straightforward title.

So reader, consider today to be a birthday celebration and use the chance to voice your concerns, criticisms and praises on any aspect of my blog. Its an open post.

Finally, thanks to readers and particularly those who commented on my postings. You helped make blogging an enjoyable or at least stimulating experience for me.

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