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New Blogger

I painlessly upgraded to the New Blogger. The main advantage is that I can now attach labels to posts. It is then easy to search for posts on a particular topic. (Entering labels caused a slight hitch – as I did this tonight for the last 20 or so posts Goggle assumed I was a Spam blog and temporarily stopped me continuing by switching me out).

New Blogger also provides options for customising template design – something I might get around to.

Blogger is looked down on a bit in the blogging community for its simplicity but this seems to me a virtue. I have played around with WordPress blogs. Their main advantage over Old Blogger was the ability to post quickly but, as I look around, they often seem to run amok. New Blogger is much improved in its ability to post quickly.

One thing I had hoped was that people who do operate blogs that run into problems with software, or indeed with hosting services, would comment explicitly on their problems and how they were resolved. It would be a useful service for the blogging community.

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