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Tony Abbott gets stuck into Coke

In view of his past ‘weak-knees’ this broadside from Health Minister Tony Abbott directed at the most sacred institution of Western capitalism has pleasantly shocked me.

It is an extraordinary reversal of his position that childhood obesity issues are a problem for parents not for food and drink manufactures.

8 comments to Tony Abbott gets stuck into Coke

  • Sinclair Davidson

    Abbott’s never been the same after ‘finding’ his long-lost non-son, and then losing him. Sad.

    Although maybe Pepsi are financing the Liberal Party 🙂

  • hc

    I’ve actually got a bit of time for TA. He is a thoughtful guy and I appreciate the sincerity of his religious convictions even if I don’t share them. He can be brutal to his opponents in parliament but I reckon he would make a good PM.

  • Sinclair Davidson

    I agree – I think he’s a good guy, but he has faded into the background a bit.

  • Sam Ward

    Coca Cola already manufacture many lines of much healthier drinks.

    Minute Maid (Fruit Juice), Powerade, Nestea (Iced Tea), and Fruitopia are all brands owned by Coca Cola. It also sells bottled water.

    It isn’t Coke’s fault that Coca-Cola is their most popular drink.

    Abbott and yourself need to take a good, hard look at yourself.

    I’m sure Coke doesn’t care if you buy Minute Maid rather than Coca-Cola, it’s the parents of Children who are making that choice, not the Coca-Cola company.

  • Laura

    Sam other than the water all those drinks have lots of sugar in them. And bottled water is the biggest scam ever.

    Good for Tony Abbott, for once.

  • Sam Ward

    So Laura what you are saying is that we shouldn’t drink anything except water, and that water should come from our loving government dams?

    Sugar isn’t poisonous, Laura. We need it to live.

    Why do I get the feeling you’d hate Coca-Cola even if they sold rainbows?

  • hc

    Sam, Sugars and carbohydrates are essential for life but fifteen spoonfulls of sugar from a 600 ml bottle of Coke is kind of a lot.

    Have you heard that 2 million Australians suffer from diabetes. Coke don’t sell rainbows they sell (among other things) coke. Diabetes causes kidney failure, limb amputation, strokes and heart attacks.

    It used to be called ‘mature age’ diabetes since only old buggers like me get it. But now kids are getting it too.

  • Anonymous

    No Sam, I like sugar, but I’m old enough to realise that if I overdose on it I’ll end up diabetic.

    And paying for tap water in a bottle is just stupid.

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