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Vaccines for nicotine addiction & lung cancer

An interesting range of vaccines are being developed to deal with nicotine addiction. They prevent nicotine from activating pleasure centers in the brain.

If you are a smoker but don’t get to use this vaccine all is not lost. Scientists are also developing a vaccine for preventing smoking-induced lung cancer. So far experiments have been carried out on mice.

One wonders if the latter innovation will increase the demand for cigarettes by reducing the user costs of smoking. An earlier post that I made on the related issue of advertising cigarette cures suggests it might.

6 comments to Vaccines for nicotine addiction & lung cancer

  • Damien Eldridge

    A related question that is also interesting relates to the impact on the current consumption of tobacco. Does an announcement of a potential cure for lung cancer that, if successful, might become available at some time in the future lead to increased tobacco consumption now?

  • hc

    Yes Damien I think so. In the rational addiction model a reduced future price leads to extra consumption now so a reduced user cost should have the same effect.

  • Damien Eldridge

    In theory, I agree. But it would be interesting to see whether or not such an impact can be detected in tobacco consumption data.

  • hc

    There have been a few studies where this was possible. One was by Gruber et al who examined the effect of a pre-announced cigarette tax increase that reduced consumption now but who, I think, increased consumption just before the time of the increase as smokers hoarded prior to the increase.

  • Nunu

    I Agree with your opinion, but we know that people is never fear with they worst activity like smoking.Let’s Campaign To Stop Smoking

  • Sam Ward

    My prediction: Even if they develop a cure/vaccination for lung cancer, people will still campaign against cigarette smoking. They see it as a moral failure more than a health issue.

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