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A stunning poll on pokies

It looks likely according to current opinion polls that Labor will government again in Victoria.

The main prospect the opposition has to stage an upset is to promote its policy of substantially cutting back on poker machines.


87% of those surveyed supported Mr Baillieu’s policy — rejected by Labor — to cut poker machine numbers from 27,500 to 22,000. Only 6% opposed it. Even among Labor voters, 86% supported the Liberal proposal.

And in another hopeful sign for the Liberals, the latest poll shows the proportion of voters who say they are undecided about who they will support at the election has doubled over the past two months to 14 per cent.

The Greens are doing well in the polls and look like taking 1 in 8 votes. And guess what… the Greens are interested in really slashing pokie numbers from 30,000 to 10,000. Whatever the Bracks Labor government mistakenly believes, the issue of pokies will remain a central one in Victorian – and presumably Australian politics. It has become a permanent political issue and won’t cease to be.

The Labor Party politicians and hacks are far too close to the gaming industry. Even if scandals do not blow-up over these unfortunate connections the Labor Party’s gambling policies are a vote loser. Good.

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