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Sam Ward apologises

This is memorable. SW apologizes to yours truely as well as other paternalistic health Nazis, Qantas stewardesses, Greenpeace, animal rights campaigners and the masses suffering under the yoke of John Howard’s rule.

1 comment to Sam Ward apologises

  • barry rogers

    Oh I’m nilly cryin’. The sincerritie just shines through. Yes, Sam, we forgive you mate. welcome home, o prodigal son. there is a prime spot on LP waiting for you to claim it. Mark’d be rooly proud of you. I reckon there’s a telegram from Kaysar Trad waiting you you at the Post Office, blessed by the holy mufti himself! I reckon your dad should be nominated for Father of the Year. You reflect so well on his upbringing. And thanks, Harry, for your wonderful role in helping Sam find the Way.

    Reckon we’ll have to work out a better name for your blog. Yobbo is a thing of the past. Come on commenters, the best suggestion by Wednesday night wins a free trip on Greenpeace’s next sabotage voyage to the Southern Ocean.

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