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Happy birthday John!

Prime Minister John Winston Howard turns 67 today. He looks really fit and intellectually at his full strength – more like someone likely to fight on for a fifth term than someone about to retire as an aged pensioner.

If JWH stayed on and completed another term he would be 71 – the age that Robert Gordon Menzies retired as PM.

I am sure everyone in the blogosophere wishes John a happy birthday. But lest anyone should inadvertently forget: Happy birthday John from the blogosphere!

5 comments to Happy birthday John!

  • Bring Back EP at LP

    JWH will never retire it is his and her life

  • hc

    JWH and her send their thanks Homer and offer the prospect of a Queen’s Birthday Honour in 2007 if you will cut out the terrible puns in the leadup.

  • Bring Back EP at LP

    but he like a liberal lot of them

  • Phil

    “I am sure everyone in the blogosophere wishes John a happy birthday”

    You’re a funny guy Harry.

  • observa

    The more happy birthdays he has, the closer he’ll be to retirement and a chance for your choice of PM phil. Once more with gusto phil. Happy birthday to…

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