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Gittins supports food policies.

Co-worker Samantha pointed out to me this article by Ross Gittens supporting a case for activist food/obesity policies based on market failure ideas.

4 comments to Gittins supports food policies.

  • jack

    Apropos government intervention. I noticed, with interest, that a servo in Sydney’s working class Canterbury was selling cigarette packet wrappers. For just $1.50 you can aesthetically envelop your gaspers in a neat plastic wrap-holder so you don’t have to look at colour pictures of gangrene and throat cancers. Where there’s a lame government initiative there’s a neat, entrepreneurial way out.

  • hc

    So the message has an impact. Others have told me that blacken the images with texta.

  • jack

    No, the impact is nullified by covering up the visual messages so they then have no impact.

  • hc

    Jack you are being disagreeable. Slice of white bread and a glass of cherry cheer then its off to bed my boy. No tears before bedtime. Dream about that huge carb food pyramid in the skyyyyyy.

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