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FRB of NY online research

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York are one of many groups that are making economics readings for University educators available online. These articles are clearly exposited and accessible for a wide range of audiences. Examples are given below:

Popular Course Readings

What Drives Productivity Growth?Kevin J. Stiroh
The Economics of Currency Crises and Contagion:An IntroductionPaolo Pesenti & Cédric Tille
Viewing the Current Account as a Capital InflowMatthew Higgins & Thomas Klitgaard
Inflation Targeting: Lessons from Four CountriesFrederic S. Mishkin & Adam S. Posen
The Yield Curve as a Predictor of U.S. RecessionsArturo Estrella & Frederic S. Mishkin

Recent Articles of Interest

Two articles on the gains from trade:
U.S. Jobs Gained and Lost through Trade: A Net MeasureErica L. Groshen, Bart Hobijn & Margaret M. McConnell
Are We Underestimating the Gains from Globalizationfor the United States?Christian Broda & David Weinstein

Two articles on housing prices:
Assessing High House Prices: Bubbles, Fundamentals,and MisperceptionsCharles Himmelberg, Christopher Mayer & Todd Sinai
Are Home Prices the Next “Bubble”?Jonathan McCarthy & Richard W. Peach.

Definitely worth a look. One can also search for relevant articles by course type. Their mathematical complexity is indicated.

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