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Two video clips + 2

I am enjoying watching video clips that are readily available in the blogosphere.

One comes from Truck and Barter which makes excellent points on the anti-smoking message and also provides a innovative anti-smoking movie (courtesy of Tom G. Palmer) titled Thank You For Smoking.

The deadpan Stephen Colbert satirises GWB at a White House Correspondent’s dinner (with Bush present). I got the clip (Part 1, Part 2 ) from BTC news where it is intelligently reviewed. A reader has set up a blog thanking Colbert for his performance. Good fun – George went along with the humour for a while but ended up none too pleased.

Update: A brilliant review of the brilliant Colbert performance is here. Rabee Tourky forwards a couple of clips here and here that economists (and others) will enjoy. The first a hilariously spiteful dig at Ben Bernanke’s election as head of the FED – macroeconomics as pop – and why students should study at the Hebrew University or New York University and not in Harvard by the sparkling Ariel Rubinstein.

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