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My brain

I got a new brain today. I been waiting several weeks and people have been asking ‘where is your brain?’ and I just didn’t know. It was embarrassing as it seemed to have got lost in the post. What a sad story for a brain. Then I got rung from Adelaide, where I had bought my brain, and was told that it hadn’t been forwarded because of a problem with my credit card number. So I corrected the number and my brain arrived.

Its called the C-20C Budget Brain Model with Arteries and is manufactured in China by the Anatomical Chart Company. There are various models – mine is not made of gelatine and doesn’t have a skull. But it does split into 8 parts (4 cerebrum parts, 2 brain stem halves and 2 cerebellum halves) and a brochure describes how the various bits fit together. It looks a bit like a crouched foetus doing something quite unnatural.

I have been playing with it tonight because its been a quiet night and around midnight you start to think about life and other contingencies. Its OK, don’t worry, I feel like a new man! But not being good at abstractions I will play with this brain until I master neuroscience. It is enervating.

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