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Tasteless anti-Indonesian cartoon

The squabble started with a leading Indonesian newspaper (Rakyat Merdeka) portraying John Howard and Alexander Downer having sex under a palm tree on an otherwise barren island called ‘Papua’. The Australian newspaper this morning has responded with a cartoon by Bill Leak showing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia having anal intercourse with a black man who has a bone through his nose under the caption ‘No Offence Intended’.

I took offense and feel nothing but contempt for Leak and The Australian for this childish tit-for-tat attempt at humour. It isn’t funny and makes no point of value.

SBY is a friend of Australia and has resisted attempts to break diplomatic relations over the incident of the 42 Papuans given asylum in Australia despite strong pressures. Australia acted inconsistently, even if with sound humanitarian intent, in giving these refugees asylum when it had refused equally deserving refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere. The Indonesian government is better than the hateful Taliban and deserves to be accorded more respect. At times Australians should pull their heads in and shut-up – its not only morally sound but in our national self-interest.

3 comments to Tasteless anti-Indonesian cartoon

  • Ancilla

    it’s all just like lil’ children in a game… what do you think?

  • hc

    Hi Ancilla, I agree, childish and offensive. I hope the stupid Australian response is not taken too seriously in Indonesia.

  • Ancilla

    some people took it seriously. but thankfully, some people still can see it clearly. but yah, no idea what it can be in the future 🙁
    i just think about how australian treat indonesian student in australia… no doubt about it, that australian government gain a lot of money from them, am i right?

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